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What are your new COVID-19 Guidelines?
  • There are no reservations.
  • Tables are first come first serve.
  • Table seating is required.
  • 2 hour max on table time.
  • Contactless menus available.
  • Max group per table is 8 people.
  • Guests currently can not sit on the lawn, stand or walk around.
  • Dogs under 50lbs on a leash are allowed but not on the lawn.
  • Children are allowed with a parent, and must remain seated.
Are children allowed?

Pier 13 is 21 and older however we do allow children accompanied with a parent.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes dogs are allowed (under 60 lbs) however they are not allowed on the grass area.

Are you only outdoors?

Yes we are only outdoors?

Can I bring outside food or beverages?

You are not allowed to bring in ANY OUTSIDE BEVERAGES. Outside food is prohibited as well unless it is a birthday cake and or cupcakes.

Can I bring my own chairs?

We do not allow outside furniture however a blanket or beach towel is fine.

Can I have my wedding here?

We unfortunately do not host weddings. If you would like to host a private event during our off hours please reach out to info@pier13hoboken.com.

Can I host an event?

Not during peak hours. However we may be able to accommodate during off hours. Please contact info@pier13hoboken.com for off hour inquiries.

Can I reserve seating?

No. All seating is first come, first serve.

Does Pier 13 close due to inclement weather?

We do close early due to weather however it is up to the discretion of Pier 13.

Does Pier 13 have an ATM?

Maritech ATM Provides us with 4 ATMs located throughout the pier.

Is smoking permitted?

No smoking is not permitted. If you wish to smoke you can smoke at the top of the Pier near Sinatra Drive.

What are the Pier 13 hours of operation?

Mon-Fri 12pm-11pm

Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm

Phone Number: (201) 798-8065

What methods of payment does Pier 13 accept?

We are now CASH ONLY every day.

Where can I park?

There is on street parking as well as a parking garage however both fill up fast.

Is there a cover charge?

No, we do not charge to enter the Pier.